Nanmu Yarns and Threads

Universally acclaimed Bag Closing Thread, highly recommended for industrial use. Attributable to its high tensile strength, high resistance to alkali, acid, salt, ultra violet, radiation, heat & abrasion. Do not deteriorate much when exposed to normal climatic condition.

100% Spun Polyester

100% Spun Vinylon

100% Polypropylene Yarn (PP Split Yarn)

Polyester Filament Yarn / Thread

Nylon Filament Yarns / Threads

Spun Polyester Yarns / Threads

Blended Cotton Twine

Jute Twine

Polypropylene Twine

Butcher's Twine is essential during preparation for cooking meat. It helps to retain the shape and also juices from flowing out where it will affect the flavors. It also helps to maintain the stuffing to stay in place and not overflowing during meat expansion during cooking.

Polyester Filament

Rayon Yarn

100% Cotton Yarn

100% Cotton Yarn

Blended Cotton Yarn


Newlong Portable Bag Closer Machine NP-7A

Garabo Yarn

Crepe Kraft Tape

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