Nylon Filament Yarns / Threads

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Nylon Filament Yarns / Threads Industrial Yarns & Threads Nanmu Yarns and Threads

Material           : 100% Nylon Filament Yarn
Usage              : Sofas Sewing, Cables Ripcord, Cables Pulline, Etc.
Size/Ply           : 630d, 1,260d, 3,150d, 12,600d, Etc.
                            (Other sizes/ply upon request)
Colour             : White
Package         : From 200g Cone up to 1 Kg Cone
Nylon Filament Yarn was 1st founded on 1940 to be replacement of Silk during war times. It's properties include of High Withstanding against High Temperature, High Melting Points, High Elongation, Excellent Abrasion Resistance, High Durability, Easier to Dye into colour, Etc.
Different combinations of Denier Sizes are faciliated for different industrial uses. Examples of usage per Industry are Ripcord for Cable Industries, Bonded Thread for sewing Sofas, Fishing Nets, Ropes, Etc.
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