100% Polypropylene Yarn (PP Split Yarn)

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100% Polypropylene Yarn (PP Split Yarn) Bag Closing Thread Nanmu Yarns and Threads

Material           : 100% Polypropylene Fibrilated Yarn (PP Split Yarn)
Usage              : Bag Closing Purposes
Size/Ply           : 1,300d
Colour             : White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
                            (Other colour upon request)
Package          : 1,000m, 180g (For Portable Machine)
                            1.0Kg, 2.0Kg (For Stationery Machine)
Bag Closing Thread is generally used to stitch the mouth of bags & sacks after filling with bulk products in the nutrition, construction and agricultural industries.
Polypropylene Fibrillated Yarn are the most budgetable thread compare to the other 2 type. It is most suitable to use to pack on Feedmeal, Fishmeal, Rice or others material which don’t require the goods to packed long.
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