Spun Polyester Yarns / Threads

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Spun Polyester Yarns / Threads Industrial Yarns & Threads Nanmu Yarns and Threads

Material           : 100% Polyester Spun Yarn
Usage              : Brick Line, Canvas Stitching, Blinds Tying, Shirt Tag Sewing, Etc.

Colour             : White, Brown, Green, Orange, Etc.
Package         : From 100g Cone up to 2 Kg Cone
Spun Polyester Yarn although the look are similar to Cotton but it provides superior strength and durability for industrial use. It come in many choices of colour make it easy to use in other industries.
Different combinations of Yarn Size and Ply give different outcome as of in Physical sizes and also specifications. Majorly use on Construction Site as Brickline, as Sewing Thread to sew in Canvas, To tie on Blinds, For general sewing on Shirt Tags, Etc.
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