Super Mop / Household Mop

Finished mop complete with plastic cap / socket / connector for household usage.
Sizes ranging from 100gms to 500gms per piece.

Round Mop (String Mop) is an essential to household mop products for common home usage. This wet mop is also largely used at hotels, hospitals, restaurants, buildings and etc. for general cleaning and maintenance purpose. Round mop head are made with quality material for high absorbent rate, strong and durability which is suitable for many floor types and easily reaches into corners. Colours available in White, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow and Semi Colours (Twin Colours ) with sizes ranging from 100gms to 500gms per piece. Colours can be used to designate a particular area for specific cleaning duties as part of colour coding system for better hygiene environment and are great complement for cleaning tools and equipment. Round Mop is affixed to plastic cap/ socket / connector with 4 colours available - Red, Blue, Green & Yellow.

Full Colour Round Mop

Big Round Mop

Luminous Round Mop

White Round Mop

Semi Colour Round Mop

Microfiber Slit Mop

Microfibre Mop

Microfibre Mop


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